Frequently Asked Questions

+What is “Oregon Oak”?

Oregon White Oak, aka Quercus Garryana, is a specific species of American White Oak only found in a small sliver of the Western United States. This type of oak colloquially called “Oregon Oak” for its abundance in the state’s woodlands and grassy savannas. Learn more about the production of Burnside Whiskey and why this wood is special to our process. For more information, visit About Burnside.

+Does anyone else use Oregon Oak?

Yes. However, we first pioneered the use of this wood for whiskey in 2012, years before other mainstream producers. We currently own the largest collection of these barrels of any distillery and never use staves or wood chips as substitutes. All Burnside whiskeys spend time in whole casks.

+Do you distill your whiskey?

No. Burnside Whiskeys are proprietary blends of finished spirits hand-selected by Eastside Distilling’s blending team.

+Where can I buy Burnside Whiskey near me?

To find Burnside Whiskey in Oregon, we recommend you visit the Oregon Liquor Control Commission website. Search for “Burnside whiskey” by name, along with your location to find a local retailer near you. To buy our products online and have them shipped to you, visit our Buy Now page.

+Where can I learn more about Burnside Whiskey blends, production, tasting notes, etc.?

We encourage you to visit About Burnside to learn more about these Northwest whiskeys. You can also follow Burnside Whiskey on Instagram for cocktail ideas, and If you still have questions, please contact us.

+How should I store my Burnside Whiskey?

Unlike wine, whiskey does not mature in the bottle. An unopened bottle of Burnside whiskey stored properly (upright and away from sunlight and extreme temperatures & humidity) will last indefinitely.

+Where is Burnside Whiskey made?

Burnside whiskey is barreled, blended, and bottled on-site at Eastside Distilling, Portland OR.

+Is Burnside Whiskey gluten-free?

Yes. Distilled spirits are gluten-free, including whiskey. Gluten can be added back to the whiskey in the form of malt extract or certain caramel colorings. Eastside does not add these ingredients back into the spirit.

+What is the alcoholic strength of Burnside Whiskey?

Burnside Oregon Oaked Bourbon, Burnside Oregon Oaked Rye, Burnside Goose Hollow RSV Bourbon, and Burnside Buckman RSV Bourbon are all 92 proof or 46% alcohol by volume; Burnside West End Blend is 84 proof or 42% alcohol by volume.

+How many calories are there in a standard measure of Burnside Whiskey?

A standard measure of Burnside Whiskey (1.5 ounces) contains 96 calories.

Whiskey contains no fat and no added carbohydrates (although there may be a minimal carbohydrate level depending on the type of cask used and length of maturation).

+Is Burnside Whiskey suitable for a vegan diet?


+What are the mash bills of Burnside whiskeys?

Each Burnside expression is a proprietary blend of finished whiskeys hand-selected by our Production team.  While we won’t share the percentages of the blends, the breakdown of spirits are as follows:

West End Blend:
A blend of 3-year rye whiskey, 6-year Tennessee Whiskey, and 3-year light whiskey.

Burnside Oregon Oaked Bourbon:
A blend of 6-year straight bourbon whiskey, 5-year Tennessee whiskey, and 3-year light whiskey

Goose Hollow RSV:
A blend of 7-year straight bourbon whiskey and 4-year straight bourbon whiskey.

Burnside Rye:
A blend of 7-year straight, un-malted pot-distilled rye whiskey, 5-year straight rye whiskey, and 4-year light whiskey.

+I’m a bar/restaurant owner or retailer. Who distributes Burnside Whiskey in my market?

Please email us with your location and the product you want to bring in. We’d love to help.

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